Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Solve Sleep Problems In Boulder

sleep apnea symptoms Lafayette dentist LongmontHas someone else pointed out your snoring? Are you fatigued during the day and don’t know why? You may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that should be promptly treated to prevent increased risk of accident and health complications.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Many of our patients with sleep problems show symptoms of chronic snoring, but snoring isn’t the only symptom you should look for. Call us right away if you experience any of the following sleep apnea symptoms:

  • Loud, chronic snoring.
  • Another person notices you stop breathing at night.
  • Waking up at night, often accompanied by shortness of breath.
  • Dry mouth and sore throat in the morning.
  • Morning headaches.
  • Insomnia.
  • Exhaustion and daytime sleepiness.
  • Increased irritability, mood swings, or depression.
  • Difficulty paying attention.
  • Lowered productivity at work and school.

Sleep apnea symptoms can be dangerous if you need to be behind the wheel or operating machinery. Don’t allow your fatigue to follow you around all day. Seek treatment at our Boulder dentist office for your sleep problems.

Home Sleep Study

home sleep study Boulder and Lafayette CO

If you are experiencing any of the sleep apnea symptoms listed above, come see Dr. West for a home sleep study. During your consultation, you can talk to him about other symptoms and problems that affect your sleep.

Before treating sleep problems, we want to help you obtain a correct diagnosis. Many doctors send their patients to a sleep center, but we know that our patients prefer to sleep in their own beds, which is why Dr. West uses a home sleep study.

You can achieve a precise diagnosis in the comfort of your own home. The home sleep study is a small device worn at night that can measure your airflow, oxygen levels, heart rate, sleeping position, snoring, and more. Gathering this information is essential to providing the treatment that will work best for you.

Give Us a Call Today!

You can sleep through the night again! A home sleep study can give us the information we need to provide treatment, so come tell Dr. West about your sleep apnea symptoms as soon as possible. Give us a call today if you are in the Boulder area, from Longmont to Lafayette CO!